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G u i t a r

Course Description

What Materials do I need for class?

Materials Required:  Pencil, paper, guitar picks, Set of extra Strings.

This beginning course in guitar teaches the fundamentals which enable a student to read music and to play the guitar. No previous experience is necessary. Enrollment in the class obligates students to participate in all scheduled activities of the ensemble. Extra time outside of the regular school day is expected of all students for rehearsals and performances throughout the year. 

Course Objectives:

  1. Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of the history, parts, structure, and correct playing position on the guitar.

  2. Students will be able to play the C, G, D, A, E, F major scale.

  3. Students will be able to play the chromatic scale.

  4. Students will demonstrate a knowledge of note reading through various guitar literature.

  5. Students will be able to read chord charts.

  6. Students will be able to play PIMA style on the guitar.

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