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Mission Statement

Chaminade Instrumental Music Program Mission Statement


In its essence, music is a means of expanding one’s knowledge, developing discipline, and forming achievable life goals.  As a community based on Marianist values, the Chaminade Music Program is committed to providing a thorough music education.  Integrating all types of musical technique allows us to master the universal language of music with the aid of fellow musicians.  Music brings us together through camaraderie and a sense of family found within the program which makes it successful.  This places aspiring musicians in an enriching environment where they can grow not only as instrumentalists but as people of character and strong leadership skills.  The Chaminade Instrumental Music Program helps develop and nurture individuals to reach the highest level of personal integrity.  It is through dedication, determination, and leadership, provided through the love of music, that every musician of the program can apply what they have learned into their lives, with the aim to become apt leaders and benefactors of our future.

Developed by the 2005-2006 Band Council

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